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Welcome to
Mourne Dew Distillery

We invite you to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary. Our spirits aren’t just drinks; they’re a portal to a world of curiosity, a taste of home, and an ode to the timeless heritage of the Mourne Mountains.


“From the high tables of the clergy…to the open hearth of the humblest cottiers…a distilling tradition has been woven into the very soul of our island identity.
Mourne Dew Distillery is the first legal distillery to operate in the Mournes for many centuries. We are the inheritors of a distilling tradition that has endured through the tumultuous history of this great island”.

Donal Farrell, Head Distiller

About Our Founder

Mourne Dew Distillery was established in 2017 by our current MD Donal Farrell.
A native of Rostrevor with a Mourne ancestry going back centuries, Donal used to be a practising barrister and chartered accountant but some years ago he acted in a court case which led to him going down a totally different career path. The case involved the use of cold distillation by forensic scientists for the purpose of DNA extraction. Cold distillation had to be a gentle and delicate process so as to avoid damaging the complex DNA molecule and that led Donal to think about its potential commercial in the world of spirits.

Many years ago Donal’s great-grandfather and grandfather both had a reputation as poitín and whiskey distillers and the once in a lifetime chance to resurrect a family tradition seemed too good to pass over, so he resigned from his legal career and started to learn about the world of whiskey and gin and distillation.

The result was the setting up of a distillery, which, along with the making of traditional Irish whiskeys, aimed to develop cold distillation as a way to make ultra high-quality spirits,whose ultimate quality depended on the purity of the distillate. Old handed-down recipes and mash bills were used for our whiskeys, and poitíns and gins were developed using a combination of botanicals native to the Mourne Mountains along with some from more exotic climes.

Whether they are whiskey enthusiasts, gin connoisseurs, or simply appreciate the art of distilling, this gift voucher promises an unforgettable journey into the world of premium spirits.

Edward Willes, Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer, writing circa 1759 made the following observation following his travels through the Mournes:

… it is a hard day’s journey, being over the Alps and Apennines of Ireland: they are called the Mountains of Mourne and the Mountains of Newry. Within these twenty-three years, it was an absolute uncivilized country, and any who ventured to go among them did it at his peril it being the most inaccessible retreat of tories and rapparees and outlaws… the wildest and most mountainous country I have seen. And yet there must be times when the master and mistress of the family are merry and jolly, for one sees the cabin doors crowded with little naked boys and girls. In one part of these mountains is a place of resort for people of fashion who come to drink goat’s whey which in Ireland is esteemed preferable to asses’ milk, and a great purifier of the blood, and the herbs that grow on these mountains are thought to be the most medicinal of any.”

Baron Willes was an astute observer of life for the place he was talking about all those centuries ago was none other than Rostrevor village, the home of Mourne Dew Distillery!

Featured Product

Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey (70cl)


(In stock)

Our first-born whiskey is in the style of a classic Irish whiskey. It is a triple distilled blend of barley, wheat and rye spirits which have been matured in a mixture of virgin oak and bourbon casks. All tasting and blending has been done in-house (we reckon we know a good whiskey when we taste one) and we think that the resulting whiskey is quite exceptional. We hope you’ll agree.

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